Infant Massage

I attained my qualifications as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the Infant Massage Service in 2003.

In my classes you will learn to soothe your baby, relieve tummy upsets, read and respond to cues. Massage is beneficial to children of any age however the earlier you start giving it to your baby the sooner they will experience the benefits of massage including the following

  • Helps establish a close, loving communication and relationship with your baby
  • Improves colic and constipation and calms irritable babies
  • Encourages baby to sleep deeper and longer
  • Boost baby immune system
  • Provides opportunity for fathers to spend quality time with their babies and lots more…….

Courses available at Wests Rd Natural Therapies 

Group Session 60mins run over 4 consecutive weeks (minimum 4 participants)

This course equips parents with a full range of simple, safe and effective massage techniques to use daily. Parents will learn complete massage sequence and ways to aid digestion, relieve discomfort associated with colic, reflux and constipation.

Private Session 2hrs run over 2 consecutive weeks

The benefit of private infant massage sessions is that they have the flexibility to be extra sensitive to the needs of you and your baby, so you are able to move at your own pace, and can be arranged at a time that suits you best. These sessions also offer a great chance for parents to learn the strokes together and spend some focused time as a family

Introduction to Infant Massage – Single Session /60mins

This course is designed for mother groups or playgroups. It is an introductory class which covers basic massage techniques. Courses run on demand!

Click here for prices, to book or call 0409403462

*please note, group/private sessions include a copy of the massage sequences, and a complimentary bottle of massage oil.

Remember “that massage is one of the most gratifying experiences that your baby can enjoy emotionally for healthy growth and development and a beautiful and simple way for you as a parent to express your love for your baby”   Infant Massage Australia.