Meditation was one of those practices l would stop and start at different times in my life. l had tried all sorts of meditations styles such as stillness meditation, mindful meditation, mantra meditation and guided meditation. At the time l wasn’t convinced that it was helpful but to my surprise, years later,  l realised that it was helpful and that in my regular commitment to yoga, l was also committing to regular meditation.

A few years ago l became very interested in deepening my meditation practice and came across Inner Voyage Holistic Development and Meditation Training College. There l completed their intensive course in Meditation Therapy.  l became a certified Meditation Teacher in 2013 and now run courses for people wanting guidance in their own meditation practice

Meditation assists in altering the chemistry in our mind and emotions. Meditation also produces a positive energy within us and the environment that surrounds us. The benefits of meditation are amazing, which l have experienced firsthand. Including slowing down the heart rate, boosting the immune system, alleviating anxiety and panic attacks, lowering blood pressure, decreasing negative emotions, providing calm, peace and balance, controlling negative thoughts, increasing energy, reducing stress and lots more!

l am also a member of the International Meditation Teachers Association (IMTA).


Basic Meditation Classes

Length 1.5hrs over 6 weeks, including stretching and breathing exercises for relaxation, specific topic discussion and meditation. Courses available on request  at Wests Rd Natural Therapies.

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