Anna Pedis | Prices
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Remedial Massage

Initial Remedial Treatment $95.00 (includes treatment and consultation)

1 hour $85.00 (standard follow-up consultation)

1.5 hours $130.00

2 hours $170.00

Short consultation

45 mins – $65.00 or

30 mins – $50.00 (specific spot treatment)

Pregnancy Massage

60 mins $85.00


60 mins $80.00

Infant Massage

Group parent session 60mins $30.00pp, per session (minimum 4 participants)

Private parent session 90mins $80.00 pp, per session

Introductory session 60mins

Group $30.00pp (minimum 4 participants)

Private $80.00pp


Group yoga 60mins

$20.00 per class

5 day pass $90

10 day pass $180.00

*please note passes are to be used within each term, each term consists of 10 weeks


6 week course 

Group session 75mins $20.00pp, per week (maximum 4 participants)

*please note classes are run on demand at Wests Rd Natural Therapies

Private yoga sessions (One-on-One )

60 mins @ Wests Rd Natural Therapies $60.00

Anna Pedis Workshop
Join my yoga workshop on 30th-June-2019
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