My yoga journey began many years ago while struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I had become confined to my home for 6 months, and leaving my home on that day for my very first yoga class was horrifying. To my surprise that day was when things started to change. As the class started I couldn’t believe how quickly my anxiety levels began to drop and how much more relaxed and calm I was feeling.

Since that day I have been committed to my regular yoga practice and completed my Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training Certificate with My Health Yoga in September 2015.  My preferred yoga style is Hatha, meaning slow and gentle based classes with simple breathing exercises, postures and meditation. My aim is to gently guide you through a sequence of postures designed to work the entire body, aligning your skin, muscles and bones, stimulating your internal organs and building mental strength and confidence. I will always offer alternatives to any postures for a more gentle or deeper practice. l offer a guided meditation at the end of each class where you will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

I believe  yoga is a powerful tool for self transformation. Yoga has taught me to bring my attention to the breath which helps still the fluctuating mind and also helps  to be more present in each moment as it unfolds.

I teach Yoga at the following locations 

Private Studio Essendon (temporarily closed)

FoxFitness Gym

  • Wednesday 7pm
  • thursday 9am

Private yoga sessions also available through out the week. 

Prices, bookings essential on 0409403462

Fox Fitness Club, 551/555 Keilor Rd Niddrie, Wednesday 7.30pm -8.30pm book on (03) 9379 8199